Technical Documentation

Each switchboard built by TQM Multisystem is accompanied by complete technical documentation, prepared in collaboration with the customer’s technical offices, to guarantee satisfaction of all the product requirements.

Standard technical documentation

The standard technical documentation consists of:

-  Construction drawing (switchboard front, interior layout, drawing of main and distribution busbars)

-  Oneline diagram (with tables of materials and factory settings)

-  Schematic diagrams (with functional details and information)

-  Equipment list (with references to the project designations)

-  List of labels

-  Test reports (individual tests)

-  Identity card of the switchboard (datasheet)

-  CE declaration of conformity

-  Instructions for switchboard installation and  maintenance

- Manuals and instructions for the main equipment installed in the switchboard

Other documentation supplied on request:

-  Project documents in English or French

-  Heating calculations

-  Type test reports

-  Files of the drawings and of the project documentation (autocad, excel, pdf and other)

Documentation on request

The technical documentation described above can be integrated with other documentation upon customer request to comply with the various prescriptions that may be found in the project specifications supplied by the customer and that must be respected contractually.